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Taxation Services

While tax return preparation is seen as a compliance activity, we see it as an opportunity to annually examine a taxpayer's position with a view to minimising the amount of taxation they may otherwise incur whilst still maintaining their financial objectives. Tax planning opportunities may include tax minimisation, tax deferral, remuneration planning, income splitting, gearing and superannuation retirement planning.

Our firm recognises that Taxation can be a very complicated area at times. Our firm utilises the services of our professional bodies to receive up to date information on interpretations and rulings so our clients can be certain as to the outcomes of particular transactions or events.

A comprehensive list of our tax related services include:

  • Tax planning
  • BAS (Business Activity Statement) preparation
  • Investments (rental properties, shares)
  • Property development (margin scheme)
  • Direct taxes (Income Tax, PAYG)
  • Indirect taxes (GST)
  • Research and development
  • International taxation
  • ATO audits, investigations and private rulings
  • ATO penalty and interest remissions
  • Estate planning

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